Eidos United was founded in July of 2007 in Columbus, Ohio with a vision to become an innovation center. Founder and CEO, Ryan Smith, was looking for a solution to the ultimate problem of motor vehicle accidents and fatalities caused by speeding. While he was completing his Bachelors Degree in Industrial & Systems Engineering at Ohio University, Ryan began researching and analyzing this growing problem. After several years of research and development the intelligent communication safety system, RFid Lynk, was created and patented. Today, a team is diligently working to help Smith commercialize his automotive safety technology. 

Taking pride as leaders in creating a more green society, Eidos United is also operating a 100% recycled asphalt production business, RAP Management.

Today, Eidos United continues its founding objective by supporting, inspiring, and collaborating with other inventive minds who are working towards commercializing their business ideas and inventions.

Mission Statement:

Eidos United's mission is to inspire and aid those individuals who have an inventive solution to a pivotal problem.

Core Values:

  • Honesty- We provide customers a constructive assessment of their goals and outline a clear strategy to achieve them.
  • Loyalty- We are here to help you. Our success is dependent on yours. We commit to creating long-standing relationships and the success in business that results.
  • Attitude- A positive attitude is required in every aspect of our business. We strive to deliver above and beyond expectation.
  • Vision- Innovation for the future is our motivation. We strive to be the catalyst for the evolution of culture, its ideas, and the benefits this progress will mark on society.


Ryan Smith – CEO & Founder
Fritz Smith – COO
Kevin Chan – CFO